How RTLS Data Leads to Increased Efficiencies and Optimized Patient Workflows—On-Demand Webinar

Mike Regg Customer Success Manager




Aurora Health Care opened its first self-rooming clinic enhanced by real-time locating system (RTLS) technology in 2016. Since then, they have trailblazed their way to an enriched workflow model engrained with RTLS in 17 clinics.

Elise Dieringer, BSN, RN and manager of clinic operations, has three clinics in the Aurora Health Care family, serving more than 37,000 patients, in more than 100 exam rooms, by 22 providers. Two of her clinics use RTLS, embracing the technology and setting the tone for outpatient experiences that signify Aurora Health Care as an innovative healthcare leader.

Elise champions RTLS as playing a key role in the success of her clinics. “My goal is to ensure we are fiscally responsible with the space that we have, and that’s where the factual RTLS data comes in.”

In her MGMA-hosted webinar, she describes how RTLS enables:

  • Patients to escort themselves to their exam room, decreasing their overall length of stay by 30 minutes, without sacrificing quality time with the provider.
  • Operational improvements such as room utilization or provider scheduling.
  • Collaborative care and increased communication about patient needs.

“My team is completely on board with the RTLS badges. We love having the data, we love having the increased efficiencies and we love optimizing our workflow for the patient experience.”

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