Midmark Design Experts: An Invaluable Part of Your Project Team

Brian Hazelwood - Marketing Manager





A number of years ago, as Midmark began to transition from an equipment manufacturer into a clinical environmental design company, we understood the need to evolve how we work with our customers.

This meant helping our customers understand why it was important to involve us early in projects, especially those involving a new facility build or retrofit of an existing facility. When Midmark design consultation experts work directly with project architects, contractors and interior designers, we can help ensure facility design and room configurations align with equipment and furniture needs and desired workflows are achievable.

This approach is proving valuable for everyone involved. It is helping elevate the value that facility design, workflow design and technology/equipment design can play in enhancing healthcare experiences, improving clinical outcomes and increasing operational efficiencies.

As we are increasingly being brought into projects earlier, we provide a variety of benefits through our Midmark Live Design process. Often, we solve issues customers did not know they had and offer options that they are not aware are available.

For instance, Midmark experts recently worked with WR&D Architects and Bogard Construction on a project for a customer that had outgrown its existing facility. During the collaboration, we suggested that the customer might be able to repurpose their existing cabinetry in the new facility. While the original Midmark cabinetry was 20 years old, its steel-on-steel design meant it was built for durability and longevity. Also, its modular design would allow it to be reconfigured to fit the new space.

Our team of in-house designers confirmed the existing cabinetry was still in good condition.  They then located the original plan in the Midmark design archives and compared it to the new facility plan. During the live design workshop, they worked with the project team to determine how the plan would need to be reconfigured for the new space and what additional cabinetry might be needed.

“The durability of Midmark Cabinetry is impeccable. They held up just fine during the removal, relocation and reinstallation process, allowing for their reuse at the new building without any issues, " said Mark Nesbitt, senior project manager, Bogard Construction, Inc. "Wood cabinets sometimes experience moisture damage and deterioration issues and it’s often better to just replace them.”

The end result was that nearly $40,000 worth of existing cabinetry was moved to the new facility, which opened earlier this year. It features a mix of new and old cabinetry, which blend seamlessly together, and are installed throughout 12 exam rooms, a lab, a utility room and a procedure room. If Midmark design experts had not been involved at the beginning of the project, the customer may have bought new cabinetry for the entire facility, missing out on the cost savings and sustainability benefits.

“The fact that Midmark keeps past project plans on file made the process of designing the new space much easier since we were using the existing cabinetry. I was very surprised when I saw the existing drawings marked up with the new locations,” said Chris Barlow, principal, WR&D Architects. “For this reason, along with the durability and modularity of its cabinetry, I always recommend Midmark cabinetry in healthcare projects that will benefit from reconfiguration.”

To see how we can help with your next project, visit the Midmark Design Center.