See colors clearly without the maintenance costs

By Kylie Gilberg, Marketing Manager


A general practitioner is typically the first point of contact for a number of symptoms and diseases. Early detection and proper diagnosis are critical to patient care. And, since improving patient outcomes has been a central focus of many healthcare organizations, providers are relying on better diagnostic instruments to help improve the quality of ambulatory care.

Proper visualization is key for correct diagnosis. But many clinicians are accepting the failing of their current instruments as status quo. In fact, 47% of clinicians encounter diagnostic errors at least monthly.


There’s a better way. Better instruments allow for proper visualization, which is essential for accurate diagnosis and disease detection. With Midmark HEINE diagnostic instruments you can see colors clearly, diagnose with confidence, and provide patients with the care they deserve.


Imagine never having to change an otoscope or ophthalmoscope bulb again. HEINE is the first company to replicate the color-rendering index properties of halogen bulbs in a cost-effective, durable LED solution. So, customers can see colors as they are in their natural state without the maintenance costs of halogen bulbs.


Having the latest technology is great, but only if it lasts. We take reliability to a new level with otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes that are designed from the inside out to perform consistently, even in the most rigorous clinical environment. The exclusive, dustproof design protects precision optical components while special materials ensure the LEDs always operate at the ideal temperature for peak performance. And with no bulb replacements, our LED instruments are nearly maintenance free.


See how quickly you can see a return on your investment with this Midmark + HEINE LED ROI Calculator.