What to Expect from the Midmark Commercial Summit

By Matt Bourne, VP of Medical Sales

February 13, 2019

We recently held the Midmark Commercial Summit in Denver to bring cross functional teams together from our medical, dental and animal health business units.

While the event serves as our annual national sales meeting, the Commercial Summit is designed to provide our teammates an opportunity to understand and discuss the current state of healthcare and how we as a company can continue to help our customers navigate the complexities while focusing on better care and better outcomes.

Specifically, as it pertains to our medical business unit, we use the summit to collaborate through multiple lenses of expertise to help our customers solve problems. We share insights – across functions – so we are better equipped to serve our customers’ needs. We examine trends and challenges in healthcare, especially those that directly impact our ambulatory care customers (more on care delivery in 2019 in my latest blog post).  

We also discuss what’s on the horizon at Midmark, including priorities, new products and services and technologies currently in development.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect from our team this year: 

  • We are launching Patient Flow Optimization for Clinics. This is our newest deployment in the Midmark real-time locating system (RTLS) portfolio of products and services. It will allow customers focused on enhancing efficiencies in their outpatient care facilities an affordable and scalable RTLS journey.   
  • We continue to build a strong foundation on evidence-based design. Our Enterprise Specialist for Planning and Design, along with our Strategic Account Executives will now receive Evidence Based Design Accreditation and Certification, allowing us to make research-based design decisions to support improved outcomes in healthcare settings.
  • We are enhancing our Midmark Delivery Service and Midmark System Integration portfolio to ease the coordination and delivery of equipment and achieve seamless connectivity of Midmark connected solutions.
  • We are harmonizing the insights and data we collect to better align our Exam Room Design Insight and Rethink Asset and Outpatient Performance workshops that we facilitate with our customers. 

It’s safe to say the Midmark Commercial Summit is more than just your typical sales meeting. We’ve designed this event to ensure that everyone at Midmark is well-equipped to help our customers eliminate waste, improve care and deliver better outcomes.