Workplace Violence in Healthcare: We’re All at Risk

A Solution to Prioritize Safety and Care







Workplace violence in healthcare is not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when, especially in high-risk areas like EDs, behavioral health units and isolated areas of the hospital. And the reality is, everyone at the point of care is at risk: staff, patients and the health system.

In this white paper, discover:

  • The emotional and mental constraints caregivers face as violence continues to climb, and why they question their future in the industry.
  • How violence breaks trust, communication and satisfaction, jeopardizing patient care.
  • The long-term operational and financial impacts a health system could face when safety and care are not equally prioritized.
  • How CareFlow™ RTLS solutions enable health systems to refine, master and scale as the first stepping-stone in alleviating the crisis.

It’s important to remember violence can’t be prevented, but the aftermath can be lessened. What healthcare systems do now with scalable technology can help change the future trajectory for everyone at risk.

Together, we must prioritize safety to prioritize care.



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