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In the right light everything looks different.


See colors as they are in their natural state without the maintenance costs of halogen bulbs.

HEINE is the first company to replicate the halogen CRI (color-rendering index) properties with the lifelong capabilities of LED. And with LEDHQ technology, you may never have to change an otoscope or ophthalmoscope bulb again. With a 100,000-hour LED bulb lifespan, a facility with 25 units can see a return on their investment in a little over a year.*

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Midmark® + Heine® LED ROI Calculator

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Having the latest technology is great, but only if it lasts.

HEINE takes reliability to a new level with otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes that are designed from the inside out to perform consistently, even in the most rigorous clinical environment. The exclusive, dustproof design protects precision optical components while special materials ensure the LEDs always operate at the ideal temperature for peak performance. And with no bulb replacements, our LED instruments are nearly maintenance free. Select the images below for product details. Contact a rep for more information.


In healthcare, even the smallest detail can have a big impact.

Missing something subtle during the exam phase can have a tremendous impact on diagnosis, treatment and ultimately the clinical outcome. Although misdiagnoses and missed diagnoses happen for many reasons, you may not be aware of how much the instruments you use can affect overall patient care.

One more step toward better care.

The general practitioner is typically the first point of contact for a number of symptoms and diseases. Early detection and proper diagnosis are critical to patient care. And, since improving patient outcomes has been a central focus of many healthcare organizations, providers are relying on better diagnostic equipment to help improve the quality of ambulatory care.


When every detail counts, you need LEDHQ.


To accurately assess anatomical structures and make accurate diagnoses, you need a clear, well illuminated view. HEINE is the first company to replicate halogen CRI properties with the lifelong capabilities of LED. Our otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes give you continuous brightness adjustment, exceptional CRI, even light distribution and long product life with exclusive LEDHQ illumination technology. You can see colors as they are in their natural state. Red is red. Blue is blue.


You can’t prevent what you can’t see.

To make the best diagnosis, you have to be able to detect even the faintest variations in color and structure. You can’t do that if something is blocking your view. Our ophthalmoscopes use an exclusive Aspherical Optical System (AOS) to redirect corneal reflections away from your line of sight, delivering a crisper, clearer, unobstructed view of the fundus for improved diagnosis. AOS also eliminates the need for filters or other systems that reduce resolution and compromise your ability to see important details.

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*1.57 years based on based on average instrument usage (8 physicians/20 patients a day/5 days a week, 4.3 otoscope and 13 ophthalmoscope replacements per year)