Better vital signs measurements.
Better care.

Vital signs measurements are oftentimes the first point of contact you have with patients and are captured at nearly every patient encounter. That’s why it’s so important that your vital signs process is as accurate and effective as possible. If you’re still taking vital signs measurements manually, you could be putting your patients at risk and wasting valuable time.





  • Midmark Zone™


    Midmark Zone Technology

    Connect the IQvitals Zone wireless monitor to a computer—no cables and no manual pairing. As you move in and out of range of the vital signs device, your computer will automatically connect and disconnect through a secure Bluetooth® Low Energy connection.


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  • Digital Scale


    Digital Scale

    Connect the IQvitals Zone device to the Midmark 626 Barrier-Free® Exam Chair with the integrated Digital Scale to weigh patients quickly and discreetly from the comfort of the exam chair. Then, import data into the EMR with the push of a button.


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  • IQconnect®



    The Midmark IQconnect framework provides a seamless connection from your devices to your EMR system. In other words, it allows you to operate all devices and import data into the EMR from one, single pane of glass—the computer screen.


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  • SPRINT BP Protocol


    The SPRINT BP Protocol is changing the way blood pressure measurements
    are captured.

    The SPRINT BP Protocol features embedded positioning guidelines to help ensure proper patient preparation and easier adoption of patient positioning guidelines for more accurate BP readings. Midmark is the first company to implement SPRINT protocol with patient positioning guidelines in a vital signs acquisition device to help ensure protocol is being followed.

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