Midmark Announces New Partnership with Leading European Medical Diagnostic Company

Dec 6, 2017, 16:12 PM
Midmark, HEINE to provide diagnostic instruments for early, accurate disease detection in United States

DAYTON, Ohio, Dec. 6, 2017 — Midmark Corp., a leading medical solutions provider for ambulatory care, today announced a new partnership with HEINE, a global leader and German manufacturer of medical diagnostic instruments for early detection of diseases. Beginning in January 2018, Midmark and HEINE will work together to provide customers in the United States medical market with three types of high quality diagnostic instruments: otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes and manual sphygmomanometers.

As the U.S. healthcare market continues to evolve and place growing importance on improving patient outcomes, clinicians are rethinking the importance of using the latest diagnostic instrument technologies for early, accurate diagnosis and treatment. With HEINE expertise as a world leader in diagnostic instrument technology and Midmark expertise in bringing together knowledge of the clinical space, technology and workflow, the partnership is a natural fit. 

“For more than 70 years, HEINE customers around the world have relied on the company’s commitment to offering the highest quality diagnostic instruments to help clinicians make the earliest and most accurate diagnosis,” said John Baumann, president and CEO, Midmark. “Midmark and HEINE share a deep commitment to our employees and customers, striving to provide exceptional products and leading the industry in development of innovative technologies. As we look for new ways to support our customers, this partnership allows us to leverage the strength of both companies to support the non-acute market with our distribution partners and offer our customers a single, trusted source for nearly all exam room equipment.” 

Based in Germany, HEINE is a vertically integrated company with a high level of control over manufacturing processes and product quality. From the initial concept to the finished product, nearly all processes are completed in-house at HEINE facilities in Germany, ensuring Midmark and HEINE customers with high quality, lasting and durable products. 

“Many non-acute care clinicians in the United States may not even realize there are options available for this type of diagnostic equipment,” said Oliver Heine, CEO, HEINE Optotechnik. “We have an opportunity to educate customers on the benefits of seeing more clearly for exams at the point of care – and provide a solution that ultimately improves diagnosis and treatment for patients. We’re looking forward to working with Midmark to serve the U.S. healthcare market.” 

More information about the partnership between Midmark and HEINE, as well as the co-branded diagnostic equipment, will be available on midmark.com in January 2018. 

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About HEINE 
In 1946 our founder, Helmut A. Heine started HEINE Optotechnik with one goal in mind; to build the highest quality diagnostic instruments available in the world. It was his belief that the highest quality instruments will always best support the health care professional in making the earliest and most accurate diagnosis. For over 70 years, our customers have been able to rely on this promise, and on their HEINE instruments for precise diagnostic performance, unique functionality and long lasting durability. Today, as a global leader in diagnostic instruments with over 500 employees we remain committed to our founding principles. We are still a 100 percent family owned and managed company and care deeply about our employees, our customers, and the quality of our products. We continue to develop and manufacture HEINE instruments exclusively at our facilities in Germany, where we combine decades-long experience and craftsmanship with the most modern manufacturing technologies.

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