Midmark expands Synthesis Cabinetry Collection with ergonomic features designed to enhance the point of care experience

Jun 5, 2020, 17:29 PM
DAYTON, Ohio, March 2, 2020 — Midmark Corp., a leading medical solutions provider for ambulatory care, today announced an expansion of its Synthesis Cabinetry Collection that incorporates ergonomic principles and is designed to create a better caregiver experience at the point of care.

The Synthesis Cabinetry Collection was developed specifically to address the diverse storage requirements and demands of medical facilities and environments. The additions to the line are based on field research Midmark conducted to better understand how caregivers interact with the cabinetry within the medical space. New features include:

·       Side-by-side vertical glove, towel and cup dispensers for exam and procedure spaces.

·       Tall base cabinet for use in clinical labs.

·       Tall upper cabinet that can be used above a mobile treatment cabinet.

·       Forty-five degree corner cabinet that offers space-saving storage space.

“Unfortunately, many caregivers go home at the end of their shift with back pain, aching necks and sore muscles and joints from having to continuously work in uncomfortable positions. This not only affects the well-being of the caregiver, but can also impact the quality of care provided to patients,” said Brian Hazelwood, marketing manager, Midmark. “The Synthesis Cabinetry Collection is an example of how we are continually looking for opportunities to incorporate ergonomic principles into equipment and room design to help enhance the point of care experience and improve the quality of care provided.” 


Introduced in 2014, the Synthesis Cabinetry Collection is designed to help caregivers and healthcare organizations maximize existing space, meet workflow requirements and compliance regulations, and complement infection prevention efforts. It brings together levels of style and functionality that help to establish a unique, consistent brand while creating a clinical storage solution that is still flexible and durable enough to meet the highly specialized needs of clinical work.


Sink, mobile and base cabinet heights are at levels recommended by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Seamless, polystyrene drawers with rounded corners and one-piece construction help contain spills and are easily cleaned. The cabinets also are equipped with EPA-registered antimicrobial pulls and surfaces to complement asepsis procedures, as well as seamless, thermofoil panels that resist spills, chemical degradation and delamination.


The Synthesis Cabinetry Collection offers multiple styling options to create a unique look and feel, including numerous colors, finishes and a variety of handles and countertops with distinct shapes. For more information on the Synthesis Cabinetry Collection, visit midmark.com, call 1-800-MIDMARK or contact an authorized Midmark distributor representative.


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