Midmark announces new and updated sterilization products

Sep 28, 2020, 09:17 AM

DAYTON, Ohio, Sept. 24, 2020 — Midmark Corp., a leading dental solutions provider, recently announced the launch of its new Sterilizer Data Logger and the release of the updated Midmark M3 Steam Sterilizer. Both are bringing speed, simplicity and compliance to instrument processing.

“Safety and virus protection are on everyone’s minds right now. The sterilization center, which has always been the engine of the dental practice, is also the heart of its virus protection,” said Darwin Asa, PhD, marketing manager of instrument processing for Midmark. “With the updated Midmark M3 Steam Sterilizer and new Sterilizer Data Logger, we have enhanced the performance of our sterilizers in this vital area to help keep staff working more efficiently and make fully sterilized instruments always ready for patients.”

Sterilization needs to be thorough and fast. The updated Midmark M3 Steam Sterilizer quickly processes instruments and handpieces without extra fuss and worry. With built-in safety features, no supplemental air and water filtration systems to maintain, and a compact design, it simplifies instrument sterilization. The updated Midmark M3 Steam Sterilizer is available for sale in the US and is anticipated to be available in Canada in November 2020.

The new Sterilizer Data Logger automatically records and stores a sterilizer’s physical and mechanical performance records. Adding the Sterilizer Data Logger to a Midmark M9 or M11 steam sterilizer keeps years of data available on a simple USB. This method makes the information easily transferable, saves time during audits, and makes it simpler to troubleshoot sterilization issues.

To help dentists equip their sterilization centers, Midmark is also announcing a sterilizer program with two rebate opportunities. Now through Dec. 31, 2020, dentists and dental practices can claim a $550 rebate when they purchase an M9 or M11 Steam Sterilizer with a Sterilizer Data Logger. They can also claim a $350 rebate when they purchase any eligible Midmark M3, M9 or M11 Steam Sterilizer without a data logger.

“We’re encouraging every practice to take a good look at their sterilization center,” adds Asa. “In 2020, high-performance equipment that simplifies safety and compliance will give you, your staff and your patients confidence and peace of mind regarding your infection control program.”

For more information about the sterilizer promotion, visit midmark.com/simply2020.

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