Midmark introduces innovative new digital dental sensor to animal health market

May 10, 2023, 00:00 AM

VERSAILLES, Ohio, May 10, 2023 — Midmark Corp., a leading animal health solutions provider focused on the design of the clinical environment to improve the delivery of care, today announced the launch of its new Midmark Bite-Resistant DR Sensor, available May 10, 2023. This next-generation bite-resistant digital sensor is a Midmark worldwide exclusive product with an innovative design that helps reduce the catastrophic sensor damage that may occur from accidental bites and drops.

“When performing veterinary dental procedures, digital sensors are prone to damage from patient bites, especially when the patient is under light anesthesia,” shares Mark Greenwood, Midmark vice president of imaging development. Greenwood continued, “We developed our unique patent-pending geometric dome design specifically for the animal health market. The design distributes biting force across the dome and allows the patient’s tooth to slide down the digital sensor, eliminating the landing points on the back of the sensor where damage often occurs.”

Midmark’s bite-resistant digital sensor is designed for durability and longevity.


  • Eliminates stopping points where damage often occurs, distributing biting force and allowing the tooth to slide off the sensor.

  • Imparts a protective plate between the housing and imaging components, further enhancing durability.

  • Offers superior image resolution with more pixels per area (pixel size 14 µm).

  • Provides exceptional high-quality images, even at low-dose radiation.

  • Enhances signal-to-noise performance prior to post-processing for improved image quality.

  • Uses Kevlar®-reinforced cable for reliability and a water-tight connection to promote asepsis.

  • Embedded with calibration files to simplify integration and workflow.

  • Includes preloaded imaging software with practice management integration capabilities.


All sensor purchases include clinical and technical support and the Midmark five-year limited warranty, with first-time replacement at no charge.

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