Midmark Limited Warranty - RTLS (Midmark RTLS Solutions, Inc.)

RTLS hardware, software and services terms and conditions of sale are as defined in the respective GPO agreement, in a separate agreement between the parties, or if there is not a current agreement between the parties, will be subject to specific terms and conditions associated with the RTLS hardware, software and services, a copy of which may be obtained from your sales representative. 


Unless specifically identified, the following items are not included: 

1) Reasonable travel and living expenses; 

2) Hardware wiring, cabling and installation costs; 

3) Required server hardware and software;

4) Shipping, handling and insurance costs; and

5) Any sales, use and other taxes that may be applicable. 


The terms and conditions for the RTLS hardware, software and services are separate from the Midmark standard terms and conditions.