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July 16, 2020 


As we continue to confront the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare providers are being forced to rethink facility design and how care is delivered. They are faced with the challenge of controlling and preventing the spread of infection within their facilities, while also safely diagnosing and treating patients, including a new patient population with the novel cardio-pulmonary illness. Added to this is the significant financial and emotional impact the pandemic is having on healthcare organizations and workers. 

To control and prevent the spread of COVID-19, healthcare organizations need technology that can improve workflows and provide real-time access to patient and staff location data throughout the clinic. When it comes to point of care interactions and experience, our customers require workflows that help maintain and support point of care interactions and patient-centered approaches, while also improving operational workflow and enhancing quality of care. 

Midmark is the only clinical environmental design company that enables customers to deliver a better care experience at the point of care across medical, dental and animal environments. Our unique approach to product and solution design is centered on harmonizing the space, technology and workflow. The result is more efficient care and better outcomes—clinical, operational and financial. 

At Midmark, we care about our customers, caregivers and patients—both human and animal. Returning to normalcy will take time, and Midmark is committed to staying focused on the long-term recovery and addressing the ongoing challenges of this crisis. We will continue to offer a range of programs, training and education to help support our customers with their current and future needs. 


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John Baumann
President and CEO
Midmark Corporation

Jon Wells
Chief Commercial Officer
Midmark Corporation