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February 26, 2021

While our industry continues to experience the impacts and challenges of the global pandemic, we are seeing positive signs of recovery. The distribution of new vaccines is a significant step forward in the fight against this global crisis and the results are apparent in declining COVID-19 cases.

Over the last year, COVID-19 and other factors contributed to disruptions in the supply chain around the world. Rising demand from the early stages of economic recovery is impacting the supply of components and raw materials across many industries, including healthcare. Additionally, the high demand and winter weather conditions have added to the strain on transportation, such as imports and domestic fulfillment.

As a result, our customers and channel partners can expect extended lead times for some Midmark products. As we have done since the beginning of the crisis, we will continue our “all-hands-on-deck” efforts, and are firmly committed to meeting the needs of our customers and channel partners through this challenging time. Also, Midmark has taken several steps to address these challenges now and in the future. We have built strong, strategic supplier relationships that help us minimize disruptions and serve our customers better. This effort has prepared us to manage current and future disruptions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and will be an integral part of our supply chain processes as we move forward.

Midmark values the relationships with our customers and channel partners and are confident in our ability to deliver products reliably. We are committed to staying focused on the long-term recovery and addressing the ongoing challenges of this crisis.

Designing better care.

Mike Walker
Chief Operations Officer
Midmark Corporation