At Midmark, we believe that who's using our technology is every bit as important as how and why it’s
being used.



October 28, 2020

Our markets have experienced significant change and uncertainty since March of this year. COVID-19 has challenged our customers and Midmark to think differently about the point of care and healthcare experiences. As our business continues to emerge from the pandemic, our business units—medical, dental and animal health, are listening and adapting to provide new solutions through designing improved workflows and technologies to help customers practice safely. 

As the chief commercial officer and president of Midmark Corporation, I am very enthusiastic about the future. Our leadership team is ensuring that we continually deliver on our promise to customers to design seamless solutions that simplify and enable better care wherever clinician and patient interaction occur.

Having earned a degree in architecture several years ago, I’m excited to see healthcare organizations embrace the role that design thinking plays in the delivery of care and clinical outcomes. In my new leadership role with the company, I look forward to using my design experience and knowledge of the businesses to help advance Midmark as the most trusted clinical environmental design company that partners with our customers to enable them to deliver the best care experiences.

As I reflect upon my 30 years with Midmark, attention to design has never been more prominent as healthcare systems, practices and providers look for empathetic approaches that bring together workflows and technologies to support efficiency, safety and outcomes.

As Midmark researches new healthcare service models with our customers, we are investing in technologies that support both operational and clinical efficiencies. Midmark RTLS (real-time locating system) is an example of this. With the current influx of patients needing care and resulting pressure on frontline caregivers, RTLS technology is enabling staff with accurate contact tracing data and provides visibility to the real-time location of patients, staff and critical equipment.

At Midmark, we understand that the best care experience starts with a well-designed care environment and we are committed to being the most trusted partner to help our customers create these spaces.

Designing better care.

John Baumann
President and CEO
Midmark Corporation

Jon Wells
Chief Commercial Officer
Midmark Corporation