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May 1, 2020


As Midmark and many of our healthcare customers move into a new phase of the COVID-19 crisis, we are beginning to see signs of recovery with the reopening of outpatient surgery centers, dental practices and veterinary hospitals. While we manage the day-to-day challenge of this crisis, we will continue to make operational adjustments to be there for our healthcare providers and channel partners.

While this crisis has been very challenging, one of the many things it has reminded us of is the importance of strong customer relationships. We’ve built these relationships over many decades, and we value the trust, open communication and confidence our customers share in Midmark’s ability to be a true partner. While there may be times of limited staff and longer wait times during this period, we will do everything we can to continue to meet their requirements.

We are keeping our eyes firmly on what is ahead and how to progress to the recovery stage as quickly as possible. We are thoughtfully planning for a resurgence of demand and putting in place the capacity to continue meeting customer needs. We expect to be fully prepared as the markets and our customers begin to recover.

At Midmark, we are focusing on the future. Our foundation is strong as we celebrate more than 105 years as a company touching millions of patients’ lives every day. It is because of our commitment to adapt and our strong customer relationships that we can stay focused on long-term recovery, address the challenges of this crisis and continue to serve the healthcare community and the next generation.

Stay safe and be well. 

Designing Better Care™.


John Baumann                           Jon Wells 
President and CEO                    Chief Commercial Officer
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