Midmark® Bite-Resistant DR Sensor

Designed specifically for the special needs of the animal health market.

It combines a unique geometric sensor housing design and exceptional image quality to provide clear, crisp radiographs with unmatched resistance to bite damage—FOUR TIMES stronger than our standard sensor!

  • Features a patent-pending geometric design for improved bite-resistance.

  • Imparts a protective plate between the housing and imaging components, further enhancing durability.

  • Offers superior image resolution with more pixels per area (pixel size 14 um).

  • Provides exceptional high-quality images, even at low-dose radiation.

  • Uses Kevlar®-reinforced cable for reliability and a water-tight connection to promote asepsis.

  • Includes preloaded imaging software with practice management integration capabilities.

Midmark’s bite-resistant digital sensor is designed for durability and longevity. All sensor purchases include clinical and technical support, imaging software and the Midmark five-year limited warranty, with first-time replacement at no charge.