Sodasorb® LF - The CO2 Absorbent with Safety You Can See

As a Veterinarian, you understand the important role that CO2 absorption plays during surgery. You also understand that without proper absorption, your patient can be exposed to a multitude of risks. But do you know exactly what those risks are? More importantly, do you know all the different signs that indicate when your absorbent is exhausted? Keeping an eye on all of these hazards and indicators can be difficult, which is why we’re proud to be offering an amazing solution to these issues, Sodasorb® LF.

So what makes Sodasorb® LF the best? That’s easy. Sodasorb® LF is the leading CO2 absorption method, and unlike traditional absorbents, its color change is permanent. Its unique color changing ability lets you know at a glance if it’s safe to use, or if it needs to be replaced. The color change is high-contrast and permanent, taking out the guess work involved with other absorbent products. If you’d like another way to check the status of your soda lime, our Midmark color indicator is available to download for additional reassurance. In addition to the visual clues offered, you can ensure your soda lime is going to be completely effective by following a few standard guidelines. A good rule of thumb is to change Sodasorb® LF after eight hours of surgical use, and you should also replace it two weeks after the package is opened – even if it hasn’t been used.

What could happen if you don’t change out your soda lime enough? Without proper and timely soda lime replacement, the risk factors for your patient can increase, including difficulty keeping the patient under anesthesia, Carbon Monoxide and Compound A production, higher levels of CO2 and risk of preventable injury or death. Sodasorb® LF offers proven reliability, safety and performance – contributing to patient and staff well-being and peace of mind. Simply put, the days of spending your valuable time worrying about these risks will be over with Sodasorb® LF.

Sodasorb® LF’s longer lasting formula means you have to make fewer changes, thus allowing you to reduce costs and waste. Our pre-packaged cartridges and lose canister-pak bag varieties are already accepted by most anesthesia machines, so it’s ready to use in virtually any clinic. The unique pellet shape reduces resistance to gas flow, while also cutting down on dust build up, making the machine easier to clean. You also don’t have to worry about encountering any issues with using anesthetic agents in conjunction with Sodasorb® LF, as it’s approved to be used with all commonly used products such as Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Desflurane, Enflurane and Halothane.

If you’re looking for an easier way to monitor the life of your CO2 absorbent during surgical procedures, while increasing efficiency and decreasing costs at your practice, look no further. You can’t put a price on peace of mind or patient safety, and Sodasorb® LF happens to offer both. Contact your dealer rep, Midmark representative, or click the link below to learn more and place an order.