Enhance Your Operatory with Midmark + Bien-Air Electric Handpiece Solutions

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Delivery Systems

Bien-Air® Handpiece Solutions

Enhance simplicity and safety in the operatory with Midmark Procenter and Elevance® delivery units equipped with a Bien-Air electric micromotor and handpieces.

MX2 Plus Micromotor
The newest micromotor from Bien-Air, the MX2 Plus is shorter and lighter than previous models, and its new medical-grade stainless steel body is both shock resistant and easy to sterilize.

NOVA® Contra-Angle Handpieces
Micro-series NOVA high-speed and low-speed handpieces are designed with a small head, slim handle and lightweight design for easy accessibility to the oral cavity without compromising durability or performance.

Straight Handpiece
The straight nosecone is designed to withstand the stresses of repeated lateral pressure while maintaining exceptional precision. 

  • Technical Specifications

    Midmark Delivery with Bien-Air MX2 Plus Single-Motor System
    Midmark Delivery with Bien-Air MX2 Plus Dual-Motor System

    Two-Handpiece Bundle (one high-speed and one low-speed NOVA®)
    Three-Handpiece Bundle (one high-speed NOVA®, one low-speed NOVA®, one straight)

    MX2 Plus Micromotor
    NOVA® 1:1 Low-Speed Contra Angle
    NOVA® 1:5 High-Speed Contra Angle
    Straight 1:1 Nosecone

    Factory Installation Available Field Installation Available
    Procenter 12 O'Clock Rear Delivery
    Procenter Side Delivery (L/R, Console, Wall, Side Cabinet)
    Elevance® Continential (L/R, Console)

    Visit Bien-Air’s website for further Bien-Air technical specifications.

    NOVA, CoolTouch+ and Lubricare 2 are not trademarks of Midmark Corporation and are the sole property of Bien-Air SA.

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    Simplify handpiece cleaning and lubrication with the Lubricare 2® Handpiece Care and Maintenance System.

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