CareFlow™ Cloud Staff Duress

The CareFlow Cloud Staff Duress solution is an innovative way to help address workplace violence in healthcare. We offer a personal duress button that sends discreet alert notifications to responders when staff members are in volatile situations.

Available Features

  • Personal Duress Button: A discreet and lightweight BLE Badge can easily incorporate into the staff uniform. The wearable badge allows a personal alert button to notify responders in real time when experiencing unpredictable situations. Alerts show who needs help and their location, enabling immediate response.

  • CareFlow Cloud Platform Combined with BLE Sensory Network: The CareFlow Cloud Platform with our Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) sensory network can be quickly installed without causing disruption or taking too much time, in a new or existing facility.

  • CareFlow Cloud Analytics: Integrated analytics are built on Tableau® interactive visualizations to help drive actionable insights. Report time and location of incidents and collect data in a single space.

Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
Tableau is a registered trademark of Tableau Software, LLC.


Additional Accessories