When contagions visit your organization, will quick, accurate information be at your fingertips?

Health systems relying on manual contact tracing experience a labor-intensive, multi-day process subject to human error and guessing. Your organization needs to be prepared when public confidence and regulatory scrutiny demand it.




Manual contact tracing has real consequences:



It often takes days to identify those who may have been exposed to an infected person using manual contact tracing.


Interviews and self-reported information are the primary tools of manual contact tracing, often resulting in errors.


Relying on human memories and manual logs can’t always recreate the pathway a contagion takes through an organization.


When exposure occurs, will you rely on interviews for contact tracing? Midmark CareFlow RTLS eliminates the guesswork.


Capture interactions as staff provides care

  • Automatic, accurate reports in minutes versus manual, error-prone contact tracing that could take days
  • Indicates both primary and secondary exposures for greater ability to monitor staff in highly contagious situations
  • Ability to track exposures with room-, bed- and chair-level precision



Beyond contact: Know who, where, when and how long

  • Determine which badged patients and staff had direct or secondary exposure
  • Fast location intelligence reveals who was present in specific locations and for how long
  • Clinical-grade and HIPAA-compliant data



The automated way to manage contagion reporting:


Once potential exposure is suspected, simply run a robust CareFlow Analytics contact tracing report in minutes.


CareFlow RTLS offers room-, bed- and chair-level accuracy to identify the location and identities of those potentially exposed to the infected person.


A CareFlow Analytics contact tracing report can reveal where the badged contagious person was located over time, each badged person they came in contact with, and for how long.



Infection Control Case Study

Washington-based Columbia Basin Health was one of the first outpatient facilities in the country to diagnose a COVID-19 positive patient and was able to identify exposed staff within minutes thanks to CareFlow RTLS technology.



“We knew who was exposed and for how long. We never would have had (that information) without the Midmark RTLS badges and the nurse call reports.”

John Olmstead, RN, MBA, FACHE Director of Surgical Services and Emergency Services
Community Hospital Munster, Indiana


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