The Missing Piece to Long-Term RTLS Success

Roger Gruneisen, Senior Director of Customer Success   Professional Services



Some things are simply better together. There’s the force between Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. Or there’s the joy when it snows on Christmas morning. Or you can’t go wrong sitting by a warm campfire with a s’more roasting.

At Midmark RTLS, we also have the perfect pairing. However, we believe it’s not just about bringing together cutting-edge technology and unwavering support. It’s about the deep healthcare experience of our teammates and partners.

Our in-house operational, technical and clinical experts combined with our network of nationwide, regionally-certified System Integrators is the key for health systems to unlock staff satisfaction, safety, efficiency and ultimately higher quality care. In the dynamic world of healthcare, where every second counts and precision is paramount, having a partner who provides the commitment, expertise and support needed to ensure seamless integration and adoption of your real-time locating system (RTLS) program could be your missing piece.

That’s exactly what you get when partnering with Midmark RTLS.

Here’s how we do it:

Our decades of both RTLS and healthcare experience, coupled with our System Integrator relationships, have influenced our proven methodology for implementing successful and sustainable RTLS programs that best suit health system goals. Our unique, personalized approach revolves around empowering staff to minimize operational distractions and focus on what truly matters—delivering high-quality patient care.

From the beginning, our seasoned clinical team or your local System Integrator collaborate closely with you to align our CareFlow™ RTLS suite of distinguished solutions to your goals. Through our close relationships with System Integrators nationwide, we offer the tools and processes to help define, design and validate your RTLS workflow, while maintaining consistency with system standards, best practices and goals.

But it doesn't end there.

Our CareFlow Patient Flow customers learn from Midmark RTLS Customer Success Coaches who are available provide  pre-sale and post-go-live support, helping with decision making, change management and process improvement using your RTLS data. You’ll have the opportunity to work together with our highly knowledgeable team of clinical experts or your local System Integrator, aligning your RTLS solutions and analytics with your business objectives. When it all comes together, you gain valuable insight into mastering your processes.

As your healthcare needs evolve, so do our solutions. Along with your System Integrator, our technical, clinical operation and account management teams are committed to being a long-term partner, helping you get the most value from your RTLS. Whether you're aiming to improve workflow efficiency, enhance staff safety or streamline asset management, we support you at every stage with scalable technology.

Throughout your RTLS journey, your success is our success. For more than 30 years, we have not only built our reputation on understanding healthcare challenges but delivering the dedicated technology and support, to help you overcome them with confidence. With support from our local System Integrators backed by Midmark RTLS, as the missing piece to your long-term success, you can navigate the complexities of modern healthcare, knowing that you have a trusted partner with you every step of the way.

Just as Mahomes relies on Kelce, health systems can rely on Midmark RTLS and our commitment to customer success. Together, we can sync people to sustainable processes, one patient at a time.