Lost assets and lost time add up to staggering costs:


in unnecessary spending over the lifespan on a 300-bed hospital’s equipment fleet, over-compensating for perceived scarcity1

208 hours

per year per biomedical technician rounding throughout the hospital looking for equipment due for preventive maintenance2


annually per nurse3—wages spent for time searching hallways, rooms, and closets for equipment instead of delivering patient care2

nurse using tablet

How can hospitals track lost assets and reduce clinician time away from patient care? Midmark RTLS Cloud helps ensure staff can find the equipment they need, when they need it.


Increase efficiency while improving patient care and satisfaction scores

Midmark RTLS Cloud Asset Tracking provides an easy-to-implement solution to help:

  • Enable nursing and biomedical staff to easily find equipment
  • Monitor equipment movement across your health network
  • Increase the efficiency and organization of biomedical teams
  • Improve patient care and satisfaction scores

screenshot of asset list

Accuracy that’s easy to install and scale—thanks to the cloud and BLE technology

Rapid deployment of both hardware and software, backed by the benefits of the latest technology:

  • BLE Plug-In Sensors are easily installed within days
  • BLE locating technology outperforms Wi-Fi RTLS, offering near room-level precision (within 3 meters)
  • Cloud platform scalability provides visibility across your IDN

BLE Plug-In Sensor

Asset tracking with the benefits of the cloud

Rapid installation

  • Deploying Midmark RTLS Cloud Asset Tracking in new or existing facilities isn’t a time-consuming, resource-intensive project
  • Our experienced project teams work closely with your local systems integrator, who provides ongoing local sales and service



Easy scalability

  • Benefit from the efficiency and scalability of one login that reveals both real-time and historical asset location data across multiple facilities, all from a single web-based application



Reduced IT burden

  • Deploying Midmark RTLS Cloud Asset Tracking across your hospitals requires minimal (or no) on-premises server configurations, and all software updates and enhancements are automatic



Cloud Asset Tracking Brochure

Cloud Asset Tracking Brochure

Get details and learn more about the hardware and software features with this downloadable brochure

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Improve patient care and reduce expenditures with Midmark RTLS Cloud


Asset tracking in the cloud

Learn more about the features and benefits for cloud-based RTLS



1 Acceptable industry averages of 10 devices per bed; average cost of $5000 per device; average 12-year lifespan

2 Ladd Insight Report: Voice of the Clinical Leader Regarding RTLS. February 2021

3 10% of time spent searching, 40 hours per week, $30.00/hr median wage