PowerVac® G Dry Vacuums

All the features of the PowerVac with the added benefit of
on-demand suction for maximum efficiency. Many vacuums operate at full force regardless of demand. The PowerVac G automatically increases the pump speed to match demand, maintaining a constant vacuum level to give you exactly the vacuum you need, no more and no less.


  • Same features as the PowerVac with additional benefits
  • Impressive energy savings – uses up to 83% less electricity than many competitive systems
  • Significant heat reduction – reduces heat emissions by up to 30%
  • Whisper-quiet operation – noise level as low as 48 dBA
  • Consistent high performance – up to 18” Hg
  • Upgradeable to accommodate 1-20 users
  • Unmatched product warranty – 5-yr/10,000 hr full-product; 10-yr/20,000 hr pump warranty

Additional Accessories