Steam Sterilizers

The next generation of M11® and M9® sterilizers are designed to help make instrument processing as easy and automated as possible.

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Intuitive User Interface

Midmark Steam Sterilizers are designed inside and out to make your life easier. And that starts as soon as they’re powered on.

Easy Navigation

Navigate cycle setup and other processes with a clear, fingerprint-resistant 5-inch touchscreen you can utilize while wearing gloves. Choose a style—dark or light mode.

Determine cycle status—cycle in progress, cycle complete and cycle error—from a distance with a progressing color-coded LED light bar, large cycle-countdown clock and audible cues.

Cycle In Progress

Cycle Complete

Cycle Error

Streamlined Compliance Recordkeeping

Stay audit-ready with device reminders and notifications, user authentication, unlimited storage of routine care events for the life of the sterilizer, and automated cycle recordkeeping.

Swipe to explore the user interface.


Midmark sterilizers have been designed for durability, including an increased device life of 25,000 cycles thanks to a completely reengineered chamber. This can reduce the frequency of required maintenance by users and certified technicians by more than half.


The next generation of M11 and M9 sterilizers have a 2.5x longer device life than previous models.


Midmark steam sterilizers stand up to most rigorous cleaning practices without cracking or fading of the covers and display assembly.


With intuitive step-by-step instructions, next generation Midmark sterilizers simplify performing and recording routine care activities compared to similar sterilizers.

Lifetime Cost

The cost of ownership is lower than similar sterilizers, in particular operating cost and device care.


Balancing Patient Care with
Instrument Processing Challenges

Start with Workflow

Follow a dirty-to-clean instrument processing workflow as recommended by the CDC1 to help contain contamination and maximize the efficiency of your instrument cleaning and sterilizing process.

CDC recommended instrument processing workflow IP Workflow

A better understanding of facility, equipment and workflow design can play a central role in easing this burden.

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