Ritter® 255 LED Procedure Light

Correct assessment of color tissue during procedures is crucial. That’s why you need a combination of the ideal color temperature and the truest, white light available in an easy-to-use, cost-effective package. That’s the Ritter 255 from clinical space expert Midmark.

The Ritter 255 is designed to deliver superior, quality illumination. The combination of the optics enhances one’s ability to see color variation in tissue.


Over two times brighter (at 7,500 fc) than a typical halogen light on the market.

A color temperature of 4,400 K offers a natural, white light, comparable to that of high noon.


LED technology uses less energy, lowering the total operating costs by 92.5% over halogen (based on 30,000 hours).


An integrated on/off switch and dimmer on both sides of the light head provides control in the most convenient place for more efficient use.