The Latest Healthcare KPI Influencing the Experience: Patient Alone Time

Allen E Foucht



An excerpt from Physician’s Practice:

Patient wait time is an ongoing focal point in discussions surrounding healthcare efficiency. Ambulatory to acute, patients have grown accustomed to their dreaded wait time, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to endure. Whether it’s needing to schedule appointments weeks or months ahead of time or sitting in the waiting room, it’s no secret that the longer a patient waits to be seen, the more likely their dissatisfaction for the experience climbs.

However, there is an often-overlooked counterpart: patient alone time. As demands for instant access become more mainstream throughout the patient experience, alone time is taking over as the new KPI to track, and its emergence is influencing how healthcare providers approach the delivery of care.

Visit Physician’s Practice to keep reading, where you will learn the difference between patient wait and alone time, why alone time is an important metric to track and most importantly, how to track alone time with a real-time locating system.