Incidents of violence in healthcare are rising:


more likely for healthcare workers to suffer a violent injury than overall workforce1


increase in violence against caregivers in the past decade2


of all US workplace violence nonfatal injuries were suffered by healthcare workers1

nurse pressing rtls locator

Midmark RTLS Staff Duress provides a safety measure that delivers peace of mind for staff and management. Nurses and other healthcare workers can call for help anytime, anywhere.


Strengthen Your Safety Protocol

Midmark RTLS Staff Duress helps facilities adhere to safety guidelines for workplace violence prevention established by The Joint Commission and OSHA.3,4

In January 2022, The Joint Commission released new and revise standards that Midmark RTLS can directly address through real-time alerting and automated reporting.

The solution has also been recognized as a best practice for staff safety in The Joint Commission’s Leading Practice Library.3

Staff Duress Alerts for Instant Notification

When a staff member presses their badge button, it sends an automated alert to nurse stations and/or security via workstations or phones so help can be sent quickly.

nurse pressing rtls locator with attention alert

Quickly + Easily
Find Staff

Instantly see when a staff member is calling for help with visual cues. When the badge button is pressed, the staff member’s icon changes to a red triangle and their name is highlighted in yellow.

screenshot of attention alert


Staff Duress Case Study

Learn how Trinitas Regional Medical Center reduced lost workdays, despite an increase in assaults.

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For facilities already using the Midmark real-time locating system (RTLS) for Nurse Call Automation, request a complimentary system assessment to see how quickly you can add the Staff Duress solution to your environment.


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