Bringing Traditional Quality Care to Non-Traditional Providers






At Midmark, we continue to work closely with leaders in the healthcare community to increase accessibility to quality care. We promote a holistic design approach that can enhance healthcare experiences, improve clinical outcomes and increase operational efficiencies.

We are also doing our part to enable primary care everywhere. This includes offering equipment, such as mobile workstations, that provide the flexibility and stability needed to extend the point of care ecosystem beyond the four walls of the traditional exam room. It also includes working with the growing segment of non-traditional primary care providers to help ensure they have the innovative workflow designs, technology and equipment that can help enhance the quality of care they provide.

Non-traditional providers have been around for a number of years, most notably urgent care clinics and more recently retail chain clinics. There are also a number of employer-owned/third-party contracted sites. For instance, on its Versailles campus, Midmark maintains an onsite wellness center that offers flu shots, mammograms, vascular and skin screenings, blood pressure checks and other wellness checks throughout the year.

So while not a new concept, the non-traditional provider segment is expected to see new players and significant growth in the next few years. Bain & Company estimates that non-traditional primary care providers could capture around 30% of the US primary care market by 2030. The consultancy attributes some of this increase to the fact that rising costs, physician shortages, consumerism and digital disruption will continue to put pressure on traditional healthcare models, paving the way for additional growth of these alternative models. 

Another factor is that patients want convenient access and on-demand care including digital access to information, billing, scheduling, provider ratings and price transparency. According to a survey by NRC Health, 80% of respondents said they would switch providers on convenience factors alone.

The shift toward value-based reimbursement programs is also accelerating this growth.  Non-traditional providers are aligning with the Quintuple Aim and placing clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, staff well-being, efficiency, profitability and health equity at the same level of importance when it comes to optimizing the delivery of care. 

We are currently working with a number of non-traditional providers, helping them understand that better care starts with a better-designed experience.



We educate them on how the layout and configuration of the exam room and the equipment it contains can significantly impact the effectiveness and safety of the care that happens in this space. We help these providers incorporate new workflow design options that move away from the typical linear design of care environments and toward a better-designed experience. We provide equipment and technology designs that are specifically suited for clinical environments to increase efficiency, flexibility, safety and comfort.

As the point of care ecosystem continues to expand beyond the traditional physician’s practice model, Midmark is committed to being wherever the clinician and patient interaction occurs, helping ensure quality care is delivered and the intended clinical outcomes are realized.

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