Flexibility at the Point of Care with Mobile Workstations

By Brian Hazelwood, Marketing Manager


As the practice of healthcare evolves, technology will continue to play a larger role in the exam room. The integration of technology will persistently challenge how physicians and caregivers interact with patients. A fully connected digital ecosystem where point of care processes, equipment and caregivers are integrated will help enhance the healthcare experience.


Mobile workstations are taking a more prominent role in ambulatory care. No longer just a piece of furniture, mobile workstations can be a strategic component of care delivery, impacting efficiency, accessibility and the patient-caregiver experience.


Here are four important ways mobile workstations can help expand and evolve the point of care ecosystem:


  • Centralizing the digital ecosystem: Connectivity is paramount at the point of care. Mobile workstations can help integrate technology and data without sacrificing workflow. Accessories, such as dual monitor mounts and holders for tablets, laptops and monitors, further support technology integration.

  • Taking healthcare everywhere: Mobile workstations are portable and can be moved from room to room with ease allowing for flexibility and accessibility at all times. Equipment can be placed in any position within the room to fit the needs of the provider and best serve the needs of the patient.

  • Improving ergonomics: Mobile workstations are adjustable to ensure a strain-free and comfortable care process. Tilt and rotation can eliminate unnecessary bending allowing the provider to reach the patient at arms-length and work however they choose, whether that be seated, standing, mobile or stationary.

  • Enhancing the patient-caregiver interaction: The very heart of the point of care ecosystem is the interaction that occurs between patients and caregivers. With the use of a mobile workstation, caregivers can maintain focus and maximize engagement with patients all while keeping patient experience and interaction top-of-mind.  


Today’s equipment must be designed to provide the flexibility needed to support technology within the exam room, from room to room, when a space-saving solution is needed—or when it’s time to expand the point of care beyond the exam space, such as the shift to telehealth resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The mobile workstation can be a critical piece of equipment in delivering better patient care.


The right workstation should support a seamless patient-caregiver experience, reduce safety issues at the point of care, and be designed with ergonomic principles to eliminate unnecessary straining.


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