Midmark 626 Barrier-Free® Examination Chair

As health systems struggle to standardize care, blood pressure inaccuracy is one of the biggest areas of concern. Midmark can help.


Many healthcare providers still may not be following AHA recommendations for more accurate blood pressure measurement.1 If this isn't addressed, it leaves health systems at serious risk. 30 million Americans are at risk by overestimating true blood pressure by 5 mmHg, leading to inappropriate treatment and unnecessary cost.2 Multiply the cost of treatment for hypertension by the typical patient panel size and the cost of overtreatment could be as much as $135,000 per each practicing physician.3 The impact of overmedication can also result in complications such as dizziness, fainting, exhaustion or even patient falls. The Midmark 626 is the first chair of its kind designed to ‭promote proper patient ‭positioning for a more accurate blood pressure ‭measurement.

Better BP Positioning

  • Easily position patients for a better BP measurement.
  • Powered movement of the back section ensures the patient's back is supported.
  • A barrier-free low chair height allows the majority of patients, even female patients with heights in the 3rd percentile, to place their feet flat on the floor.4

Automated Vitals

  • Connect the IQvitals ® device to the Midmark 626 Barrier-Free Exam Chair with the integrated IQscale® to weigh patients quickly and discreetly from the comfort of the exam chair. Then, send data to the EMR.

Seamless Connectivity

  • The Midmark IQconnect framework provides a seamless connection from your devices to your EMR system. In other words, it allows you to operate all of your devices and transfer data to the EMR from one, single pane of glass—your computer screen.



3$733 x (9.8% of 1,900) = ~ $135K, where 1) $733 = cost of overtreatment per patient. Cost data from Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Article: “Expenditures for Hypertension among adults age 18 and Older, 2010: Estimates for the U.S. Civilian Noninstitutionalized Population”. Includes cost of Ambulatory visit (payer is either the patient, insurance Co. or ACO). Includes cost of prescription (payer is either the patient, insurance Co. or ACO), 2) 9.8% - percentage of population affected by overestimation of high blood pressure errors, calculated by 30,000,000 affected by overestimation* / 307,000,000 the 2009 US population count**. Data from *see Source 2 and **Census.gov, and 3) 1,900 = typical patient panel size per physician. Panel size sourced from Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, July-August 2016; Vol. 29, No. 4.

4 According to BIFMA standards, the 3rd  percentile female popliteal (knee) height is 13.4" plus 1.2" shoe height

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